Chris the BuilderI am currently a second year maths student at The University of Nottingham, after which I hope to find someone to pay me for doing something I enjoy. I can't be any more specific than that at the moment, but am in the process of narrowing that rather broad objective down a bit. While not at university, home is a really friendly village near Marlborough, in Wiltshire.

I have a brother and a sister, both of whom are great. In fact, my brother is so cool, Nick Spath once said he was the best guy I knew. At the time, I disagreed, but now I think I know what he means. Living at home with my parents, Nick and Freya are a cat, a rabbit, some fish and a guinea pig; the real reasons I moved out and came to university. Oh, and seventeen of my many long lost (and found) Chinese brothers, all called Eric.

I play piano and saxophone - although hardly ever at the same time - and have acheived a reasonable standard in each. However, I am at the moment a little out of practice due to having neither piano nor sax with me in Nottingham. It's always nice to pick them up again during the holidays though, when I have fun making music with Dad.

When I'm not doing differential equations, sketching graphs, or generally doing really difficult sums, my main interests lie in music, motorsport (particularly F1 and karting), and computing.

Most of my free time at uni is spent socialising with people from one of two clubs:

Gilbert and Sullivan Society
This is brilliant fun. I don't know much about W.S. Gilbert or Arthur Sullivan and I've never been to see one of their shows. Hell, I don't even like Gilbert and Sullivan - I'd certainly never pay to see a G&S operetta unless I knew people in it, put it that way. But all the same, I'm really glad I joined. In fact, I had such a laugh with the rest of the people there last year that I joined the committe this time around, and am now their Publicity Officer. My many achievements in this role include fantastic t-shirts and committe rugby shirts, and an hilarious poster campaign for Fresher's fayre that can be found here. This year we will be performing The Gondoliers.

The University of Nottingham Motorsport Club is the one I was always going to join. We do karting, quad-biking, spectate at various motorsport events, drink beer, and shout at the television every two weeks during Grand Prix season. I'm on this committee too - this time as Treasurer, although I got to play President for a couple of weeks running up to Fresher's Fayre as both President and Vice President were away. The British University Karting Championship, into which we are entering two teams, will be happening over February, March and April next year. I can't wait!

In conclusion, I'm one hell of a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.

This was me around November 2003

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