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I know this dude called Chris.
He's one you shouldn't miss.
He's a G&S fan,
A motorsport man,
And Freya's the name of his sis.

Submitted on 22.07.2005 by Katherine Pickles

So we're all back home for summer,
It's really quite a bummer.
Cos I like nothing more,
Than studying law,
Which makes my brain even numb-er!

Submitted on 22.07.2005 by Katherine Pickles

There once was a young man, Chris Spath,
Whose specialist subject was math.
But in his spare time,
He writes limerick and rhyme,
Which is more fun than sketching a graph.

Submitted on 08.11.04 by Rosie

There once was a bloke called Chris,
Who decided one day to do this:
Build a website,
And have such a fright,
When the last line of this limerick didn't rhyme at all.

Submitted on 16.11.03 by Graham le Page

A handsome young man named Siddhartha,
Was often seen sporting a garter,
But it happened one night,
That he tied it too tight,
Now that garter is part o'Siddhartha.

Submitted on 16.11.03 by Edward Evans

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